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🚀 Quickstart Guide

✨ What Is Muse And What Can I Do With It?

The World's Easiest Page Builder

Muse lets you build everything from:

  • Portfolios ğŸ‘©â€ğŸŽ“

  • Personal Websites 👩‍💻

  • Business Sites 👨‍⚕️

  • Link in Bios 🔗

  • Blogs ✍️

  • Journals 📕

  • Photo Albums 📸

  • Company Wikis 🛠

  • Landing Pages ✈️

  • And more...

A Quick Tour (2 min)

🚀 How Do I Get Started & Build My First Site?

AI & Templates

You can start from scratch with a blank page, but the easiest ways to get started when you click the "Add Site" button are:

  • 🤖 Muse AI: Tell Muse AI what you want to build and it will create a page for you based on your prompt. The more descriptive you can be the better.

  • 📄 Muse Templates: Pick from one of our starter templates.

Creating Your First Site (1 min)

🛠 How Can I Change The Layout & Edit My Page?

Click The "Edit" Button

Muse is actually fun to build pages:

  • Add blocks to the page

  • Resize blocks with the arrows

  • Drag them around

  • Click on blocks to fill with content

  • Change the color of your site (premium)

Editing a Page (2 min)

How Can I Use Muse AI?

Create A Site or Page With AI

  • In the Menu, click Add Site or Add Sub-Page

  • Start with "Muse AI"

  • Enter your AI prompt, the more descriptive the better

  • Add a link to a specific url if you want that pages content to be included in your prompt

Generate or Edit Text with Muse AI

  • Select the "Ask AI" button at the bottom of the text block

  • Click "Insert New Text" to create or "Edit Existing Text" to edit

  • You can also drag to highlight a portion of text to edit just that selection

Add an AI Section to a Page

  • There are two ways to add a section

    • Click the plus sign at the bottom of a block & do

      "Add Section Below"

    • Click "Generate Section" at the top of the add block drawer

  • Enter your AI prompt, the more descriptive the better

🙋‍♂️ How Do I Add Collaborators & Share My Page?

Click the "Sharing" Button

You can easily:

  • Make your page Public which will make it findable through search

  • Or keep your page Private and just invite individual editors & viewers by email

Sharing & Collaborating (1 min)